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Music Links - a small selection of selected links to sites and people we know and trust

Music Shops Reidys Music Nab Lane Blackburn.www.reidys.com guitars ,Amps,P.A. Keyboards Pianos Gibman Music - Guitars and Accessories, Amps, PA's and Lessons right in the middle of Ashton Under Lyne Eagle Music - Top BlueGrass and Acoustic Shop - Huddersfield Skylark Guitars - Great Priced Instruments - Shrewsbury Forsyths - Upper Crust Acustic Dept! - Manchester Boomerang Sounds - Great Priced Sound Gear - Bury PMT Salford -The old Sound Control crew still in action!

Venues and Events Shaw Playhouse - great local venue for live music and drama

Repairs and Custom Builders Brian Eastwood - Custom Builds, set ups, tweaks amd all round great guy
Ged Green - Guitar set up expert and top flight guitar maker
Peter Barton - respected guitar tech' and builder
Alister Atkin - wonderful custom built instruments
Jacks Instrument Service - Located on Coronation St Salford (yes it does really exisit!)

Free Music The Guitar Guy - Thousands of lyrics and chords songs for free!
Traditional Music UK - A huge resource of tunes (thousands!) and techniques
Fretted Friends - UK publishers of the famous Chord Bibles for guitar, banjo and other fretted instruments - free workbooks for musicians in PDF format

Music Teachers Mat Martin - Multi talented player and music teacher
Mike Jones - Oldham based guitar teacher
Ibreathmusic Forum - great technique resource for all guitar players
Gibman Music - Guitars, Amps, PA's and Lessons right in the Middle of Ashton Under Lyne